Saturday, April 20, 2024

Record Store Day!

Record Stores I have known: Music Den (Nanuet, NY), Korvettes (Nanuet, NY & Paramus, NJ) , Valley Fair (Hillsdale, NJ), Town and Country (Westwood, NJ), Harmony Hut (Paramus, NJ), Sam Goody (Paramus, NJ), Record World (White Plains, NY), Free Being (NYC), Second Coming (NYC), Village Oldies (NYC), Golden Disc (NYC), Tower Records (Paramus, NJ/NYC/San Francisco, CA), Bleecker Bob's (NYC), Amoeba (San Francisco & Berkley, CA),  The Record Store Head Shop Combo in Laconia NH (circa 1975), Endless sub street level used record shops on St. Marks Place, NYC from 1977 into the late 80's, The one on the corner of 23rd/3rd by SVA  - early 80's (NYC), Pitchfork (Concord, NH).

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